Timshel Magazine is an independent arts journal and anthology of grief and joy.  With roots in the Pacific Northwest lit scene, all are welcome to submit, view, and share in this project.  Our first issue was released April 2019 and distributed in Boise, Portland, and online.  Check back for updated information on ISSUE 2.

All proceeds go directly to cover printing costs; Timshel is a not-for-profit legacy project.  To help us break even, donations are welcome via PayPal.  Any profits will be donated to Boise Mutual Aid.


Grief and joy.  Two emotions that sublime our spirits are not so disparate.  One can bring on the other without pause.  Too much of one feels like the other.  Both are private and strange, and yet at once communal and deeply familiar.  Maybe they are inseparable.


Timshel is a collection of experiences, recollections, and reflections on those most human of feelings.  It is a tool for those suffering loss, and a reminder that while grieving is indeed personal, we may find comfort, and even joy, in the shared experiences of others.


JOSHUA HALE is a father, high school literature and writing teacher, and sometimes-poet living in Southern China with roots in Idaho and Oregon.


RUTH HALE is a queer reader/writer/drawer, abolitionist advocate, and cat person on the rural Oregon coast.

The seeds for this project were planted in 2017 when we suffered the mutual loss of our sibling Jam.  Tasked with collecting and posthumously publishing their poetry, we printed and distributed Invite Cats to hundreds of friends and strangers.  

Left with a gnawing emptiness but strengthened by a rich community of writers, artists, and supporters, we created Timshel to continue Jam's legacy of connecting people via poetry and art.