Timshel Magazine is an independent arts journal and anthology of grief and joy.  With roots in the Pacific Northwest lit scene, all are welcome to submit, view, and share in this project.  Our first volume was released April 2019 and distributed in Boise, Portland, and online.  Volume 2 is available in print as of October 2021.

All proceeds go directly to cover printing costs; Timshel is a not-for-profit legacy project.  To help us break even, donations are welcome via PayPal.  As of 2021, any profits will be donated to Boise Mutual Aid.


The first issue of Timshel came about after a very tragic and personal loss.  We gave it the subtitle “an anthology of grief and joy” because the months after this loss were strange and contradictory.  The deepest chasms of grief were sometimes momentarily inverted by lucid and vertiginous heights of joy.  These two seemingly disparate emotions (if we can call them that), while distinct, felt somehow symbiotic.  Is joy a natural defense against grief?  Is grief a necessary piece of experiencing joy?  These questions were the impetus for Timshel.  To attempt to understand our grief and its relationship with joy through the art of others--to anthologize a complex relationship between contradictory terms. 


Poet Matthew Zapruder puts it this way:


“Because we need to name the feeling we have after a great loss, we call it ‘grief.’  But anyone who has experienced it knows that this is just a word assigned to what is, in its horrible, shifting, massive complexity, unnameable.  To push away the accepted name of something, and to move, with careful literality, through the language, in a journey of renaming: this is a courageous act.” 


Grief is like any word in that it cannot contain the depth and breadth of that for which it stands, but that is the power of art--not in defining, but in exploring and synthesizing ideas and experiences, and at times transcending language. 


JOSHUA HALE is a father, high school literature and writing teacher, and sometimes-poet living in Southern China with roots in Idaho and Oregon.


RUTH HALE is a queer reader/writer/drawer, abolitionist advocate, and cat person on the rural Oregon coast.

Other publications: Invite Cats.