CYBELE BRANDOW is a transgender, non-binary author of children’s nonsense literature living in Portland, ME.  They are in pursuit of a new rhetoric that might foster healthier and more dynamic identity formation processes for those with schizotypal predispositions.


RYAN ALLAN CHEATHAM is an artist living in Boise, Idaho.  Twin Peaks, X-Files, and Gabriel García Márquez are among the influences which drive his work in the mundane, surreal, and uncanny.


JILL KATHERINE CHMELKO polishes words, crafts images, and taps her feet in Boise, ID.


GRACE COVILL-GRENNAN is a carpenter and poet living in Portland, OR.  Her poetry has appeared in Utterance Journal and Haptic, and is forthcoming in Rockvale Review.


ZACHARY EVANS holds an MFA from Colorado State University.  He edits the journal Calamity and his chapbook UNLIMITED is forthcoming from Big Lucks.


TEAL GARDNER is an artist from Nebraska living in Idaho, persisting in accumulating interests, finessing response, and teaching curiosity.  She is looking for a dialogue with people who really feel their microbiomes.


JAMIE GREENHUT is a Portland-based alchemist/artist/acupuncturist-to-be.


JOSHUA HALE is a father, high school literature and writing teacher, and sometimes-poet living in Southern China with roots in Idaho and Oregon.


RUTH HALE is a queer reader/writer/drawer from the Oregon coast.


JESS N. JOHNSON is a poet from Boise, ID with an emphasis on mental health and substance use recovery.  They like spending time with their spouse and dogs.


HEIDI KRAAY, playwright, examines the connection between brain and body, seeking empathy with fractured characters.  Writing across disciplines and training in diverse theater vocabularies give her tools to live better making art.


QUINCEE LARK is a Boise native and emerging, self-taught artist exploring both water- and oil-based paint media.  Focused largely on color, texture, and shape interplay, Quincee’s work stems from her interest in the mind’s ability to retrospectively reconstruct, simplify, and reshape moments in time.


TONY MANCUS is the author of a handful of chapbooks, including Subject Position (Magnificent Field), City Country (Seattle Review), Bye Sea (Tree Light Books), and Apologies (Reality Beach, forthcoming).  He lives with his wife Shannon and three yappy cats in Colorado and serves as chapbook editor for Barrelhouse.


KATY ROGAN is an illustrator/photographer from Boise, Idaho, creating art to help herself and others feel better about themselves and the world around them.  She’ll try any medium once, but has taken a liking to pen and ink, digital drawing, and film photography.


MATTHEW ROWE is a poet/farmer living in Brooklyn, NY.  He grew up partly in the Mojave Desert, and partly in the Redwood Forest.


SERRAH RUSSELL is a visual artist and independent curator who makes her home and work in Seattle, Washington.  She hopes for her work to encourage empathy and evoke the feeling of being in the right place at the right time.


JR WALSH is landlocked in the Pacific Northwest, but floats everywhere.


KAL WALTERS is a trans, chaotic creative currently wandering the hills of Boise, ID and studying Tarot.  You can find their musings and work on YouTube as Kal Walters.


CL YOUNG is a poet and essayist.  She lives in Boise, Idaho, where she runs a reading and workshop series called Sema.


EMILY ZETKULIC is an illustrator and naturalist from New Jersey, currently living in Portland, Oregon.  Enamored with the wildlife and landscapes of temperate North America, she creates pen-and-ink, colored pencil, and graphite drawings depicting the animals and vegetation that share her geography.